UVA Virtual Lab: DNA (close-up & do-it-yourself)
PROJECT OVERVIEW The "Virtual Science Lab" is based at the University of Virginia. It employs emerging software visualization tools to explain technologies affecting our daily lives.

The project is directed by Professor John C. Bean. Funding is provided by the National Science Foundation CCLI, NIRT, MRSEC and NUE programs, and the University of Virginia. Additional support was provided by IBM and Discreet Corporations.

SOFTWARE TOOLS: Movies are created using "3D Studio MAX" (Discreet Division of Autodesk Inc.). Pages are composed using "Dreamweaver" (Macromedia Corporation), JavaScript and PHP.
PAGE CREDITS: This page was created by John C. Bean. Virtual reality models were created with the aid of real life models of DNA constructed from Molymod™ components obtained from Indigo.com.
LEARN MORE: A good organic chemistry text is a must (we use Paula Yurkanis Bruice′s "Organic Chemistry" ISBN 0-13-140748-1).

We also found the University of Massachusetts JMOL Java stick model of DNA particularly useful in that you can freeze its motion to study a particular 3D section of DNA.

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